Game Center Achievements

The achievements as seen in-game via Game Center.

A list of GameCenter achievements for Block Fortress.

Accessing the Achievements ListEdit

From the main menu in Block Fortress, tap on "Awards" to open up the list.

Achievements ListEdit

Achievement Description Points
Recruit Level up your character to level 15. 10
Veteran Level up your character to level 50. 20
General Level up your character to level 100. 30
Survivor Reach wave 10 in Survival Mode. 10
Settler Reach wave 20 in Survival Mode. 20
Conquerer Reach wave 60 in Survival Mode. 30
Fortified Last 10 minutes in Quckstart Mode. 10
Stronghold Last 20 minutes in Quickstart Mode. 20
Indestructible Last 60 minutes in Quickstart Mode. 30
Big Block Fortress Build a huge base in Casual Mode. 20