Block fortress hints 01

The Barracks when you first place it

The barracks is a building in Block Fortress and also the first one that is built when starting a new game. It is considered as the most important building in the game because when the barracks gets destroyed completely by Goblocks, the game is over.

Level 1Edit

The Barracks are always Level 1 Barracks when first placed. The Level 1 Barracks allow basic building of structures. It has 1500 HP.

Level 2Edit

The Level 2 Barracks is an upgrade that costs $100 and 75m. Alongside in increasing the health of the Barracks to 3000 HP, more advanced structures are unlocked.

Level 3Edit

The third and final upgrade to the barracks costs $200 and 150m. It allows construction of all structures, and the barracks have 4500 HP at this stage.