"Mecha was once a planet filled with life.
The Blosks were an intelligent race inhabiting the planet, who were fascinated with technology.
They created many devices to aid them in their lives, eventually creating what would be their demise: the Model I Blockbot.
The war was brief, and now only the Blockbots remain - a cold and calculating race of machines.
Blockbots are determined to bring order to the chaos that is found in nature. Living creatures, civilizations, and even entire planets, are to be optimized and assimilated into the Block Grid."

-- In-game description


A Blockbot


In battle, Blockbot units are produced at a fast rate and are the most powerful NPC units of a race. They carry a well-rounded set of equipment. Their anti-gravity technology also makes them very mobile. They only have 3 turrets, but plenty of support blocks for both your hero and your mobile troops 



Alphas are created to lead the Blockbots into battle. They have powerful ranged weapons, and emit an aura that enhances nearby units.

The Alpha


Nanobots - Rapidly heals nearby allied units and increases their damage.

Power Shot - Shoots a concentrated ball of energy that damages and slows anything in its AOE.

High Yield - Greatly increases your unit production rate.


  • HP: 700
  • Speed: 4.0
  • Attack: 41
  • Piercing: 60
  • Range: 650
  • Armor: 50
  • Dodge: 0%
  • Block: 0%


Strikers are designed to assassinate enemy leaders. To do so, they are built with a teleporter, cloaking device, and special blades that can stun enemies.

The Striker


Cloak - Cloaks your hero preventing it from attacking and being attacked.

Power Surge - Drastically increases attack speed and dodge, and activates teleportation.

Discharge - Absorbs all damage for a period of time and then releases it in a huge explosion.


  • HP: 250
  • Speed: 5.5
  • Attack: 70
  • Piercing: 80
  • Range: 0
  • Armor: 30
  • Dodge: 30%
  • Block: 0%


Tanks are built to destroy even the most deadly foe. They are heavily armored and armed with several powerful weapons. Although Tanks have a weak attack, they have several low-cost weapon abilities.

The Tank


Plasma Bolt - Shoots a beam of charged plasma energy at your target. (This is one of the lowest-cost abilities in the game)

Disruptor - Fires a volley of energy projectiles that damage and scatter enemy units.

Barrage - Launches a salvo of energy that targets random enemies and blocks anywhere on the map.


  • HP: 300
  • Speed: 3.0
  • Attack: 35
  • Piercing: 40
  • Range: 550
  • Armor: 100
  • Dodge: 0%
  • Block: 10%


Energy Sword: Increases melee damage with a chance to stun units.

Arc Beam: A medium-ranged weapon with a small AOE and moderate armor piercing.

Heavy Alloy I: Increases hp and greatly improves armor against melee attacks.

Ion Engine: Increases move speed.

Phase Shift: Increases the chance to dodge an attack.

Advanced Optics: Increases weapon range and accuracy, and can attack camouflaged enemies.

Energy Shield: Increases the chance to block frontal attacks. Blocked attacks release energy that damages and stun nearby enemy units.

Self Destruct: Explodes on death, damaging nearby enemy units.

Nanobots: Rapidly heals over time.

Energy Fist: Greatly increases melee damage with a chance to stun units.

Heavy Alloy II: Increases hp and greatly improves armor against ranged attacks.

Swarm: Single units spawn as three smaller, weaker units.

Arc Spread: An erratic, rapid-firing weapon that damages and slows units in a wide area.

Energy Cell II: Increases damage, AOE, and range for ranged weapons.

Energy Cell I: Increases damage, AOE, and attack speed for melee weapons.

Heavy Arc Beam: A powerful long-ranged weapon with excellent armor-piercing and a chance to stun units.

Teleporter: Teleports units toward their targets.

Arc Blast: A long-range weapon that explodes on impact, damaging and stunning nearby units.

Titan: Greatly increases hp, damage, and armor, but with reduced move speed and dodge.

Cloaking Device: Camouflaged units can't be attacked unless they are attacking, very close to a unit, or seen by a detector.

(This equipment is in the same order as the store.)

Equipment Stats
Equipment HP Speed Attack Piercing Range Armor Dodge Block Units Time Level (Min)
Energy Shield 40% +3 1
Energy Sword +15 (Melee) 40 +2 1
Arc Beam


40 500 +2 1

Energy Cell II

+30% (Ranged) +20% +3 1
Energy Cell I +30% (Melee) +3 1
Self Destruct +3 1
Nanobots +2 1
Heavy Alloy I +10 +30 (Melee) +2 1
Heavy Alloy II +10 +30 (Melee) +2 1
Ion Engine +1.5 +1 1
Swarm -5 +0.5 -30% +2 +14 1
Phase Shift +30% +2 1
Teleporter +4 1
Advanced Optics^ +20% +1 1
Cloading Device +3 1
Energy Fist -1.0 +19 +80 +4 2
Heavy Arc Beam 85 80 700 +8 2
Arc Spread 58 60 400 +6 2
Titan +200 -1.0 +100% +60 0 1 +15 2
Arc Blast 45 60 800 +6 3
  • ^Advanced Optics can detect camouflaged units.


Arc Beam - A turret that shoots an energy beam with moderate range and damage.

Nanoblock - Creates an aura that eals nearby allied units. Stack to increase the range.

Electro Orb - An erratic turret that randomly attacks nearby enemy units, damaging and slowing them.

Recycler - Respawns a unit type after several of them die within range. Stack to increase the range.

Energy Aura - Creates an aura that provides extra damage, speed, and protection to allied units. Stack to increase the range.

Discharger - Charges up over time and manually activated to create a massive explosion. Stack to increase the charge rate.

Charger - Permanently increases your hero's damage and hp when standing nearby (until a respawn). Stack to increase range and effectiveness.

Heavy Arc Beam - A powerful turret that shoots a massive energy beam with excellent damage and armor piercing.


  1. The Outer Grid - Break through Mecha's defense perimeter.
  2. Inner Grid, Sector 528 - Fight through a completely mechanized enviroment.
  3. Reclamation Facility 284 - Destroy a terrain conversion facility.
  4. Mineral Refinery 36-B - Take out a facility used for harvesting minerals.
  5. Omega City, Section 4 - Launch an attack deep within Mecha's central grid.


Swarm is very effective in overwhelming your opponent, even though it decreases hp and damage. Using heavy alloy 1 or 2 (depending on the enemy's main attack) and shields are very effective, especially if equiped with melee weapons. Keep in mind that titan also increases ranged damage (unlike super soldier and growth serum) and can be used to make powerful level 3 ranged tanks.

Generally Equipment Combos:

Level 1: Arc Beam - Energy Cell II

Level 2: Heavy Arc Beam - Titan - Arc Spread

Level 3: Arc Blast - Targeter - Titan - Energy Cell II

Alpha is a powerful leader, so put him in the front lines with your units. Use Striker for killing enemy ranged units, heroes, and turrets. Use the tank's abilities quite often as they are powerful. ALWAYS use charger blocks on missions 3, 4, and 5. If you play defensively and give your hero plenty of time to charge up, they will become overpowered and kill heroes in very few shots. However, be sure not to die, as your hp and attack will reset back to normal.

Admiral Digits' input begins here-

A tactic I recently discovered is the Operation Metal Shield tactic. Level 1 and 2 units can generally be anything as long as they have a decent range. Your level three units will be essentialy disarmed tanks.

Level 1 and 2: Anything with good range

Level 3: Heavy Alloy 1 and 2 - Energy Shield - Titan

This gives you a beast that spawns every 29 seconds and has 145 armour. The only turrets in the whole Blockoid arsenal that can pose a threat is a stasis gun heavy plasma combo. As heavy plasma is the only thing that can damage them (at least from my experience.

Level 1: Arc Beam - Energy Cell II

Level 2: Heavy Alloy 1 or 2 (I swap it depending on who I'm fighting) - Arc Spread - Titan

Level 3: Swarm - Nanobots/Advanced Optics - Arc Blast - Energy Cell II

This provides a balance of tanky units, artillery units in mass, and your starter unit to get you there. I added the input parts so I made sure I didn't steal credit for most things on this page. Credit does not go to me for the chart or any other content on this page not listed as my own input. Admiral's Input ends here