In Block Fortress players earn blue, green or white Rare minerals as they complete Survival rounds and through normal play. These minerals can also be purchased with real-world dough for players that don't want to grind:

Price (USD) Blue Minerals Green Minerals White Minerals
$0.99 20 20 20
$1.99 60 60 60
$4.99 200 200 200
$9.99 450 450 450
$19.99 1000 1000 1000 

From the Craft menu players can spend these minerals to mod (permanently upgrade) their weapons, equipment, defensive towers and some wall blocks. Most weapons and items have three upgrade slots but some have less. Players can spend even more Rare Minerals to further modify and improve an item Section heading.

Block Crafting OptionsEdit

(For Individuall blocks, look under the block page)

Upgrade Description Cost
Damage Mod Increases this weapon's damage by 25%. 1 B, 3 G
Range Mod Increases this weapon's range by 10%. 2 W

HP Mod

Increases the health of this block by 20HP. 2 B, 2 G, 2 W
Power Source The turret becomes self powered, no longer requiring power from a power block. 10 B, 10 G, 20 W

Repair Mod

Slowly repairs this turret over time whenever damaged. 4 B, 1 G, 2 W
Detector Mod Allows this turret to target enemies in the dark, without the aid of a light. 15 B, 15 G, 10 W
Salvage Mod You will receive 100% of this block's build cost when deleted. 10 B, 10 G, 10 W

Equipment Crafting OptionsEdit

(For indvidual equipement, look at the actual page.)