Dog Bot 2
Offensive Capabilities

 The Dog Bot is a paid bot which specializes in mining and collecting. It is one of the nine bots and one of the seven bots which have to be bought with money.


The Dog Bot appears as a small  robotic white dog with a black tail and a black spot over one of its eyes. It's legs and ears are brown and a pink tongue always sticks out of it's mouth.


The Dog bot has a remarkable ability when it comes to mining. It can collect extra minerals from resource blocks allowing for a greater income of minerals and resources.


One of the most useful bots, tactic wise. After you get to the points that you may have several mineral blocks lying about the field with some minerals but not enough to make the effort to defend that patch of ground to drill up 20 or 30 minerals, save, restart with the dog bot and command it to mine. At higher levels, money is much easier to obtain than minerals and the dog bot can be an especially useful companion for those higher levels.