A door.

The Door is a Special block which is automatically opens for players and bots, allowing them to enter.


The Door occupies a 3x1 block space.

When players or bots are within their proximity, the Door would open upwards in a similar fashion as a sliding door. If they are not within proximity, the Door would shut close by moving its sliders downwards. Doors however, will not open to Goblocks.

Any block that's part of the Door will share the same HP as the other 2 blocks in the same Door. Any block that reaches 0 HP would destroy their respective Door.

When the "Select" tool is used to select the Door, the word "merged" that has been enclosed in parentheses would appear beside the name of the block.

Doors do not require any power to operate.

Doors also have a low amont of HP, making it vulnerable to attacks. However, Goblocks would never primarily target Doors if there is a block of high-value within proximity, such as Power Blocks.

Door Opens When Near

Doors open when you're within their proximity.

Door Closes When Away

Doors remain close while you are away.


Doors are useful in Co-op as it provides a secure entrance to players and helps keep Goblocks out. There's no longer a need to delete part of your fortress when attempting to enter!

Also, if you place several powered turrets behind the Door, you could bait Goblocks into destroying the Door and then, they will be annihilated by the turrets. This process can be repeated but may be costly and detrimental since you will need to replace them several times and will require an equipment slot for the Door.