A durable support turret that slows all enemies in range for a time.

Electro Orb
Electro Orb Turret
Basic Information


Offensive Capabilities
Damage per Hit

5.0 - 6.0


10 blocks

AOE Radius


Armor Piercing


Rate of Fire

2.0 secs


HP: 200

Power: 1 unit needed

Damage: 5.0-6.0

Range: 10 blocks

Armor Piercing: Medium

Rate of Fire: 2.0secs

Slow Chance: 100% (per attack)


  • Electro Orb In Action

    The electro orb in action!

    This turret is more for supporting rather than defensive.
  • Attach a few electro orbs at the side of your barracks. This can help slow down enemies who are trying to attack your barracks.
  • It is better to use more damaging turrets(e.g. .50 CalM.I.R.V.Howitzer etc.) since it is useless against ranged Goblocks such as the Desecreator.


Upgrade Description Cost: Blue Green White
Damage Mod

Increases this weapon's damage by 25%.

1 3 0
Range Mod Increases this weapon's range by 10%. 0 0 2
R.O.F. Mod Increases this weapon's rate of fire by 20%. 1 2 0
HP Mod Increases the health of this block by 20 hp. 2 2 2
Repair Mod Slowly repairs this turret over time whenever damaged. 4 1 2
Power Source This turret becomes self powered, no longer requiring power from a power block. 10 10 20
Detector Mod Allows this turret to target enemies in the dark, without the aid of a light. 15 15 10
Salvage Mod You will receive 100% of this block's build cost when deleted. 10 10 10


Shoots lightning and slows down enemies. Quite useful when Shadows go about unnoticed.