Equipment Tab Content

Equipment as seen under the "Equipment" tab.

Your Equipment is specifically anything you carry on your character into battle, for use during the attack wave. This mostly means various weapons, but Body Armor and Stimpacks also count as equipment. All values below are unmodded. Remember that weapons can be upgraded to boost their damage, range and other stats. Equipment can be a game changer in Block Fortress.

List Of EquipmentEdit

Name Description Unlocks Cost Range (in blocks)
Spotter Detects enemies no matter where they are on the map. $75
Armor Makes you take less damage from enemies. $100
Stimpack Heals you automatically over time. $75, m25 -
Jump Pack Soar over the battlefield with the jump pack!

$75, m50

Jet Pack Attack your enemies from the air as you fly over the battlefield.  $125, m75 -
Teleport Relay Set and instantly teleport back to previous loacations. $75, m75
Cloaking Device An infiltration device that temporarily makes you invisible. You cannot attack while cloaked. $100, m75 -
Spotlight Shines a light where you are looking. $175 Infinite
Grappling Hook Shoot a grappling hook at a block to launch yourself across the battlefield toward it.