Farm blocks are edible and re-growable blocks that are mainly used to replenish the player's health.


When near a farm block, tap on it to view its stats. Tap "Eat" to consume and replenish health.

The ammount of health that a farm block can replenish is dependent on how much it has fully grown, in percentage. So if a farm block is 50% grown, it will restore 50 HP.

Farm ModsEdit

  • Block Fortress Farm Icon
    HP Mod: Increase the helath of the block by 20 hp. 5 maximum
  • Growth Mod: Increase the growth rate of farm by 25%. 2 maximum.
  • Nourishment Mod: Increaases the amount of extra health gained on consumption of the food by 10. 10 maximum
  • Salvage Mod: Receive back 100% of the block build cost when the block is deleted. 1 maximum.


Farm blocks are not mandatory, but are useful to replenish your health lost while in heavy battles and can be used as a substitute for the stimpack when recovering health.


Farm on rocks