The Mine Shaft is one of the most basic and necessary blocks in the game.

Build on a mineral deposit to mine 20 minerals each round (See Note below). Each Mine Shaft also has a 5% chance to mine an additional rare mineral every round. 

Mine Shaft ModsEdit

  • Block Fortress Mine Shaft Icon
    HP Mod: Increase the health of the block by 20 hp. 5 maximum
  • Repair Mod: Slowly repair the block over time when it is damaged. 5 maximum.
  • Power Source: The block becomes self powered, no longer requires a Power Block. 1 maximum.
  • Salvage Mod: Receive back 100% of the block build cost when the block is deleted. 1 maximum.


The cost of mine shafts depend on the number of mine shafts you currently have. The cost of a mine shaft follows the formula:

P' = 50 x (1.25)n (rounded to nearest whole number)

P' is the new cost of the mine shaft that has been rounded to the nearest whole number,
n is the number of existing mine shafts.

So, if you have no mine shafts and would be building one, the cost of that mine shaft would be $50. Additional mine shafts would cost $13.5 more than the previous one.

Your main goal in Block Fortress, beside protecting your barracks, is getting as many Mine Shafts and Mine Drills on the ground as possible. Low level protection is easy after upgrading your turrets and weapon a bit, your main goal in high levels will be getting enough minerals to build more turrets.


 The "minerals mined" numbers reported at the end of each wave do not include minerals actually mined during the attack phase. The game help popup lists a Mine Shaft as mining 18 minerals each round. It also lists Mined Amount: 20 resources. Counting minerals mined during the attack phase, a Mine Shaft will mine 26 minerals each round. These numbers are only for Mine Shafts placed on mineral blocks. When placed on a terrain block, Mine Shafts will report 4 and mine 5 minerals each round.