The Motion Sensor is a block under the "Special" section in the equipment selection screen.


This block requires a unit of power in order to function. Once enabled, it will then detect any units nearby the motion sensor. Take note that the units detected still have to be lit up by a nearby light source in order to allow turrets to detect it.

Motion Sensor ModsEdit

  • Block Fortress Motion Sensor Icon
    HP Mod: Increase the health of the block by 20 hp. 5 maximum
  • Repair Mod: Slowly repair the block over time when it is damaged. 5 maximum.
  • Power Source: The block becomes self powered, no longer requires a Power Block. 1 maximum.
  • Salvage Mod: You recieve 100% of the block's build cost back when deleting it.


These blocks are crucial for detecting cloaked units like Shadows and their leaders. Make sure you light up the area around the motion sensor too!