Plasma Pistol
Block Fortress Plasma Pistol Icon
Basic Information
Unlock level


Offensive Capabilities



20 Blocks

Armor Piercing


Rate of Fire




Reload Time

4.0 secs

The Plasma Pistol is a handheld energy weapon with unreliable damage.


It appears to be a futuristic-looking pistol with light blue power cells. The plasma pistol when fired would produce a blue line of plasma. The end at which the line makes contact with an obstacle will form a blurry light blue splotch which fades over time.

Plasma Pistol ModsEdit

  • Damage Mod: Increases weapon damage by 25%. No maximum.
  • Range Mod: Increases weapon range by  10%. No maximum.
  • Stun Mod: Gives the weapon a chance to stun. 5 maximum.
  • Slow Mod: Gives the weapon a chance to slow. 5 maximum.
  • R.O.F. Mod: Increases the weapon rate of fire by 20%. 5 maximum.
  • Armor Piercing Mod: Increases the damage the weapon deals to armored targets by 20%. No maximum.
  • Ammo Mod: Increases the weapon ammo capacity by 25%. No maximum.
  • Reload Mod: Decreases the weapon reload time by 15%. 5 maximum.
  • Energy Core: Eliminates reload time. 1 maximum.
  • Tactical Light: Shines a light where you aim. Allows turrets without the Detection Mod to shoot at illuminated targets at night. 1 maximum.


  • This weapon is useful for eliminating Goblocks in the first few waves in Survival since most of them would have a low amount of HP. This essentially makes the plasma pistol an almost one-shot kill weapon.
  • At later waves in Survival, it is better to use weapons like the Plasma RifleMinigun and the Cryo Gun in order to take out Goblocks with a higher amount of HP.
  • This weapon also has the ability to very slightly push back enemies, causing them to flinch and lose their grip on any blocks that they are clinging onto.


  • It is possible that both the Plasma Pistol and the Plasma Rifle both use the same energy source for their ammunition, since both weapons allow the "Energy Core" mod to be crafted and equipped.