Rocket Goblock
Goblock rocket
Basic Information
Offensive Capabilities
Rocket Goblocks are ranged Goblocks that equip a missile launcher (a.k.a bazooka).


The Rocket Goblocks appears to wear the same accessories as the Goblock Shooter, but they wield a missile launcher instead of a gun. The way the missile launcher is held is by the right hand with part of its body being laid on the Goblock's shoulder. The missile launcher is also way smaller than the bazooka that is used by the player.

The missile launcher when fired would show a rocket projectile with smoke trails that trace its path. The rocket projectile is similar to the bazooka that is available for purchase under the "Equipment " section of the menu.

When the missile is fired or whenever it makes contact with an obstacle in its path, it will explode and burst into orange flames which quickly fades to grey smokes. The explosion will show up at the opening of the missile launcher and at the point at which the rocket makes contact with an obstacle.


Rocket Goblocks are best eliminated from afar by using long-range weaponry or turrets such as Sniper Rifles or Laser turrets.  But then, it is better to stick to handheld weapons since when at night, turrets cannot detect enemies unless they are equipped with a Detector mod.


The missile launcher used by Rocket Goblocks share the same model with the bazooka used by the player.