Sniper Bot
Sniper Bot
Offensive Capabilities


This bot specialises in long-range combat, utilising a high damage sniper rifle weapon, as its name implies. The bot can dish out significant damage and can fire an explosive round by chance.

This explosive form of attack deals 100 pure damage. It has no area of effect though, meaning that only the enemy targeted by the bot will recieve that damage.

As stated, the bot will specifically target high value enemies, such as Goblock Medics, when possible.


The bot can be assigned a spot and will remain there until ordered by the player otherwise. The bot will then be able to fire at enemies from that position.

You can also use the generic "Hunt" mode, so that the bot will seek out enemies and kill them.


  • This bot carries a lightweight version of the Sniper rifle, specifically augmented to be used on itself.
  • This bot has a very similar camouflage to players.