The Sniper Rifle! A weapon that you can use to assasinate the pesky assasins/medics/tinkerers/anything that comes to your base really before you have to look at them close up! Comes with scope. 

Sniper Rifle
Basic Information

$150 35M

Offensive Capabilities



200 Blocks

Armor Piercing

Very High

Rate of Fire

3.5 Secs


6 Shots

Reload Time

8 Secs



A large sized sniper-rifle with a bipod.

Sniper Rifle ModsEdit

  • Damage Mod: Increases weapon damage by 25%. No maximum.
    Block Fortress Sniper Rifle Icon
  • Range Mod: Increases weapon range by  10%. No maximum.
  • Stun Mod: Gives the weapon a chance to stun. 5 maximum.
  • Slow Mod: Gives the weapon a chance to slow. 5 maximum.
  • Armor Piercing Mod:Increases the damage the weapon deals to armored targets by 20%. No maximum.
  • Ammo Mod: Increases the weaopn ammo capacity by 25%. No maximum
  • Reload Mod: Decreases the weapon reload time by 15%. 5 maximum
  • Tactical Light: Shines a light where you aim. Allows turrets without Detection Mod to shoot at illuminated targets at night. 1 maximum.


The weapon is extremely reliable and plays crucial role in high end base defence, this weapon has 600-900 damage if all 20 slots are modded for damage, picking off Goblock tinkerers, finishing off Giants & Warlords, assassinating high value targets without any effort, however the weapon only is truely effective through very a time consuming process of modding damage upgrades to the weapon.

The weapon can be difficult to utilise at close range


  • The Sniper Bot uses the same weapon, ensuring long range protection.